Exterior Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

Span 26’ 9”

Length 19’ 11”

Height 8' 4"

Wing Area 127 sq. ft.

Weights Empty Weight  740 lbs Gross Weight  1320 lbs


Wing Loading (gross weight)  10.4 lbs/sq. ft.

Power Loading (gross weight) 13.2 lbs/hp 

Powerplant/Systems  Engine Rotax 912ULS Propeller  Sensenich Composite ground adjustable Fuel Capacity 20 US gallons

Other Cabin Width 43” Baggage   50 lbs

Glass Panel

12 skyview_sm.jpg

The RV-12 panel features the Dynon Skyview system - a full 10" screen EFIS that incorporates GPS, Mode S transponder and autopilot functions. A Garmin SL-40 comm radio, a Flitecom intercom and an ELT round out the avionics suite. A useful glovebox occupies the right side. Proprietary switch and fuse panels combine with wiring harnesses supplied in the airframe kits to make the sophisticated panel truly "plug-and-play."

Removable Wings

The RV-12 was designed from the start to be "trailerable." Light, easily removable wings make it practical to keep the airplane at home, or hangar it in corners where nothing else will fit.

Pull a pair of pins behind the seats and the wings come off in a few seconds. All control and wiring connections are automatic and an ignition interlock prevents the engine from starting if the wings are not properly installed.

The RV-12 is sold in six separate subkits:

Empennage/TailCone Kit:
contains all components for empennage surfaces and the fuselage aft of the rear baggage bulkhead.

Wing Kit:
contains all components for wing and flaperons.

Fuselage Kit:
contains all components for fuselage
between firewall and rear baggage bulkhead.

Finish Kit:
contains cowling, engine mount, canopy,
wheels/brakes, nose gear components,
wiring harness and fuel tank components.

Avionics Kit:
avionics, engine and flight instruments,
switches, fuses, etc.

Powerplant Kit:
contains new Rotax 912ULS engine,
engine installation kit and a Sensenich
composite ground adjustable propeller.

Four Stroke Rotax Power


The 100 hp four-stroke Rotax 912 ULS has become the most widely used engine in the world in Light Sport class aircraft. And for good reason — it’s proven itself in all kinds of conditions, all over the world. It’s designed to operate on unleaded auto fuel. Altitude compensating carburetors automatically adjust mixture and a gearbox reduction drive keeps the prop in the most efficient rpm range.